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D1 kickstand


The BikeHard D1 Kickstand takes the venerable kickstand to the next level with its positive locking mechanism and superb styling. Designed to fit nearly all rigid bicycle frames, it’s sculpted aero shape will aesthetically compliment any bicycle in either the extended or folded position. Re-engineered and streamlined to reduce weight while maintaining the same overall strength, the D1 weighs in at a feathery 240 grams. This weight of course includes bolt, top plate, and plastic foot which comes standard with the kickstand. In the event that you need to cut the length of the kickstand down for a smaller bicycle, removing the foot is simple, and replaceable once cut. After being re-installed, the foot stays on to protect floors from unwanted scuffmarks, and to ensure a stable upright position for the bike.

  • Positive Locking Spring
  • Included Foot
  • Aero Design
  • Can be cut to size
  • Weight: 240 grams