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BikeHard Cycles was founded with the sole purpose of bringing to market excellent cycling products for cyclists of all types and ages. Unlike many companies that focus on only a select category or segment of the cycling community, our engineers employ their imaginations on developing new products to excite the senses of neophytes and accomplished cyclists alike.

As a result we engineer all different classes and styles of products. Some of these designs are cutting edge and exciting (like carbon wheels or featherweight saddles). Others are a new take on designs for categories that are underserved (our heavyweight training wheels are certainly appropriate for individuals with impaired balance but are primarily helpful for those with disabilities or individuals on the autism spectrum).

We aim to promote the enjoyment of cycling through the use of any and all of our products! At BikeHard, we work hard to manufacture the most stylish and comfortable cycling clothing, the most durable and easy to use accessories, and the fastest and most durable bicycles.


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