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Blink’R Front Light


“Barely larger than a quarter in diameter, the BikeHard Blink'R front light sends off 17 lumens of eye searing white light in either steady or flash mode.” Manufactured completely from aluminum, the body attaches simply to any seatpost or frame tube by a single tool free silicone strap which firmly holds in place on a wide range of tube diameters. Though it will run uninterrupted for 150 hours on flash mode, when you do need to replace the 2 2032 batteries, simply unscrew the alloy back and pop new ones in. Most importantly, as a result of the high grade optical lens which integrates with the windows cut into the alloy body, this compact little light that will ensure the light is seen at an astounding 240 degree angle: unlike many of the other front safety lights on the market, even people and cars on your profiles will easily be able to see you. Even in the rain, this waterproof light will do the job of keeping you visible!


  • 1 Super-bright White LED (front 17 lumens)
  • Press lens to turn on
  • Silicon straps mount to any seatpost, no tools required
  • 50 hr steady, 150hr flashing runtimes
  • 2 CR2032 batteries included


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