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BlinkR USB front light


Given the extreme popularity of the Blink'R, a natural development in the BikeHard light line is the all new Blink'R USB. Though only about 10% larger than the battery version in size, this USB Blink'R features a thoroughly redesigned lens and even greater lumen output capacity. At full charge, the front shoots off 40 lumens of intensely focused white light, able to illuminate not only forward but also on both peripheries: up to 240 degrees total. Manufactured completely from aluminum, the body attaches to any handlebar or frame tube by a single tool free silicone strap which firmly holds in place on a wide range of tube diameters. Able to run uninterrupted for 25 hours on flash mode, 3 hours on high, or 6 hours on low, when you do need to recharge, simply unscrew the alloy back and plug in with the included USB cable. Even in the rain, this water resistant light will do a great job of keeping you visible!


  • 1 Super-bright White LED (front 40 lumens)
  • Press lens to turn on and/or switch modes
  • Silicon straps mount to any handlebar, no tools required
  • 3 hour high, 6 hour low, 25 hour flashing runtimes
  • USB charging cable included
  • Weight: 30 grams


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