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Seat Post Clamp 31.8mm


The BikeHard Outline seatpost clamp is a machine crafted and ingeniously designed bicycle component. Starting off as a small piece of 6066 aluminum, it is forged, CNC machined to a 14mm height, and then anodized black. Once more it finds its way into the CNC machine to remove unnecessary weight and increase aesthetic appeal. To ensure the strength of the clamp, the affixing method is 2 alloy inserts threaded together with a stainless steel bolt. The result is a ridiculously lightweight piece, only 18g, and forged from a hardened alloy will last the test of strain on the trails, road race, or daily commute. Black with silver accent in color.


  • Prevents seat post slip
  • 6066 Alloy CNC machined
  • 31.8mm diameter
  • Only 18g
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