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Outline Smart Mini Pump w/Gauge


The BikeHard Outline Smart mini pump is a very small and yet very powerful little piece of pumping technology. Designed to find a home on any road, mountain, or city bike, it attaches very simply with a universal mounting bracket below the water bottle cage bolts of a frame. When occasion requires it to come off the frame, it universally works with both a presta and a schraeder valve. No need to manually switch internals! The user just firmly places the pump onto any valve, and then pulls the locking lever. Once locked in place, the wide barrel and long throw of the ergonomic articulating handle will heave tons of air into the tire. A very cleverly placed gauge reads the exact pressure inside of the tire, and helps ensure that no accidental over pumping occurs.


  • Universal bracket and velcro strap ensures pump affixes securely to frame
  • Foldable T-handle ergonomically works with the forearm’s natural movement
  • Airtight locking lever
  • Precise inline gauge reads up to 120 psi
  • Weight: 172 grams
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